Web Design & Development

Why not make websites to be as sustainable as possible, as part of the solution, whilst being highly optimised, targeted, and performance-driven, that costs the same or less?

Our proven process.. How do we do it?

1. Planning

It all starts off with a conversation. We listen to you ideas for your website. If you have an existing website that you’d like to re-designed and developed, we start by analysing it, going through its structure, usability, design and performance. We ask a series of simple questions and truly grasp the requirement. If you need support with your content we can take care of that too. We come up with a plan for the website.


2. Design

Having listened to you, and your ideas, we come up with a unique design. With your feedback we progress the design for the full website, desktop and to be mobile-friendly. You will see the details of the design, mock-ups and we share them with you again to gather and discuss your feedback. We are experts in responsive design and rest assured your website will adapt beautifully on all devices. We design the website with usability and with sustainable user experience practices making sure the end product once it is developed is streamlined, optimised so it loads fast, resulting a great user experience.

3. Development

We then move on to the development stage, where we bring the design to life! We are specialists in WordPress, HTML5, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and best web technologies out there and above all we focus on making sure the website delivers on performance and user experience. We also bring in industry-leading tools, which allow you to update and adapt your content on all pages of the website with user-friendly editors, so you can maintain your website with no hassle. You can preview everything on our development server before the launch, without affecting your existing website (if you have one). An aesthetically attractive, optimised and an eco-friendly website is born.