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Building a cleaner and greener world starts with us. The world wide web sets many of us free, enabling new ways of working, sharing ideas and motivating one another. But it can also have a damaging impact on the climate because of the carbon emissions. How can we work together to build cleaner, more sustainable websites?

Shane Herath

In these highly uncertain times, it is easy to become overwhelmed by all the challenges we’re facing. While the eyes of the world have been trained on dealing with the pandemic, the climate emergency remains an urgent and huge threat to our future.

The internet accounts for 3.7% of global carbon emissions, which is more than the amount produced by the aviation industry, often singled out as the bad boys of climate change. 10% of the world’s total electricity consumption is currently attributed to the Internet. Internet’s carbon emissions are predicted to double by 2025. Websites and the related ecosystem are key contributors to this.

The average website produces around 1.75 to 2 grams of CO2 per page view, and heavier websites around 7 grams of CO2 per page view. To put this into context, with just 4,739 monthly page views, an average website produces 100kg of CO2 per year. That’s equivalent to driving 483 km on a fossil fuel powered car.

And we asked ourselves, why don’t we make websites to be as sustainable as possible, as part of the solution, whilst being highly optimised, targeted, and performance-driven. Applying sustainable user experience and development practices, we began to develop websites that not only deliver on user experience and performance but are environmentally-friendly too. This we believe could help drive a movement for eco-friendly websites. Website owners can use this as a way to let their clients/stakeholders know that they not only care about the environment but have reduced your carbon footprint on their website too.

Applying sustainable user experience and development practices, we generate awareness on the concept of ‘eco-friendly websites‘, develop eco-friendly low-carbon websites for not-for-profits and sustainability focused organisations. We have also developed a new standard for eco-friendly websites so that site owners can display a badge that shows the low-carbon measurement letting their stakeholders know that they not only care about the environment but have reduced their carbon footprint on their website too.

What can we do about it?

We all have a role to play. By taking steps to cut down on carbon emissions by way of your website, you will be helping drive a movement for a cleaner, greener internet.

The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.

- Robert Swan

Every year a ten billion tons of carbon dioxide needs to be removed from the atmosphere and stored. One has to start somewhere and we started with this.

So we’re on a mission to clean up the Internet, with our eco-friendly website initiative! Websites that emit less carbon.

Together, we can!

Robert Swan

Robert Swan